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Feb 2019 - Nov 2020

Igneous Manage Unstructured Data
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  • Typescript/React/Lerna Monorepo
  • Material UI/JSS based UI
  • Storybook Component Library
  • Golang APIs
  • Igneous Website

Jan 2016 - Nov 2017

Anywhere Explore Your World

Mar 2015

GridMatch Requires 'Concentration'

July 2015

Reaction Realtime Survey and Feedback

Nov 2014

Cool Beer Can I keep my beer on my porch to chill?

Mar 2014

In/Out Board The first incarnation

Dec 2014

Bone Find your dog a playmate!

Nov 2014

Hey You! iOS Map based 'Missed Connections'

Aug 2015

B99 v. ULSD I mean, React/D3.js charting study

Feb 2017

Hoarde Social D&D Campaigning


Me! Pereptually Developing
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  • Conscientious, Hard Worker
  • Enjoys Making Stuff With JavaScript
  • Keeps Servers/Networks Running
  • Loves Open Source and Linux
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A Little About Myself

My Coding History in Brief

Learned Basic programming on C-64/Vic-20 back in my HS years. Made a game that I couldn't complete, as I filled the available memory (stupid sprite graphics). Have always automated tasks in all of my occupations via VBA, and Bash shell scripting. Made a nicely tiered Access application for reporting reams of Analytical Chemistry data that improved many people's productivity at a lab. Made a few web sites with the first incarnation of ASP. Then in 2014, I got serious about becoming a web programmer. Initally took Ruby on Rails night class, where I realized that JavaScript was more my bag. At the same time I got interested in learning the Meteor framework. Enrolled in CodeFellows JS Development Accelerator and came out 8 weeks later a lean 'MEAN' coding machine and ready for my career as a full-stack JS developer. Started fiddling with emerging isomorphic JS technologies such as Meteor and React and got very excited about using both in many real-time (reactive) coding projects. Since early 2016, I've been steeped in Node, React, Webpack and more, honing my frontend skills by making fantastic UI designs come to life on the web page for a travel company.

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I highly value my relationship with Paul to this day and use him as a valuable soundboard for any strategic IT questions I have. Frank Colich, CFO, Skytap

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This is going to get more competitive when people figure out that Code Fellows is indicative of an intellectual curiosity that tends to bode really well for hiring. Code Fellows Hiring Partner: Nick Soman, Reveal

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These aren't my opinions. These are articles that have stretched my perspective a bit, and I have found them important enough to recommend for others to read. Paul Laskowski